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I'll stop neglecting LJ soon.. I swear..

So, you can completely disregard my last post. Nothing ever happened to Nile, the whole thing was a joke.. a not so funny joke.. but a joke nonetheless. This past weekend was fun as hell. Friday Face, Nile, Brett, Dez, James, and I were all going down to the Troc to see Blaze.. but shit fell through. More or less everything that could have possibly gone wrong with our plans did. It sucked, we blame Taylor for everything. We all ended up going to Face's and hanging out all night. Most of us crashed there too. Saturday was Aunt Wendy's birthday party. Nile came along with me. It was all right, everyone was pretty trashed. Then last night Nile and I hung out at Aunt Wendy and Uncle Kenny's for a bit before going back over to his house. I got all weird once we got back to his place cause he had a note saying that he needed to meet with his probation officer. I really hope that everything goes well. The last thing that I want is for Nile to get locked up. It'll suck so bad. I don't like not being able to see him whenever I want. Plus, I hang out with him just about every day. It'll fuck up my jaunt.
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