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Some much shit has gone down since I last updated this journal.. entirely too much to catch up with.. so for the time being it's all going to be bypassed. I've been hanging out with Nile and Brett a lot lately. (Nile and Brett are the two new guys that I work with.) Brett and I went to Zern's yesterday looking for lip rings, and then we went back to my house and chilled with Face and Mira for a while. Anyway.. while we were at Zern's we stopped in to see Brett's girlfriend Jen who works at the cigarette shop. I finally got introduced to her and what not. Today I called work to find out when I go in tomorrow.. (all the roads into Redner's from my house are flooded and I couldn't come in today...).. and Melissa starts asking me about Brett and I "hooking up". Then she said that Nile told her that a whole shit load of people are telling Jen that Brett and I were all over each other. So, I talked to Nile and I asked for Jen's number. I called her and cleared everything up. I really wanted to explain to her that nothing was going on between Brett and I. I mean.. fuck.. she's pregnant and the last thing that she needs is any added stress. It's pretty fucked up that random people are talking all sorts of shit, though. I guess you'll have this. Jen took down my number and she asked if it would be kewl if all of us hung out sometime, of course I said okay. She seems like a sweet girl, it sucks that she got the wrong impression of me. I'm glad that everything is fixed, though. Damn.. and I thought the club had too much drama...
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